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Galvinchi Desserts

Sprinkle Cake

Sprinkle Cake

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The below serves are for our heart shapes;

  • Petite 4" serves: 1-2 (fits 3 letters - e.g HBD, 21, ILY)
  • Mini 6" serves: 10-12
  • Standard 8" serves: 20-25
  • Large 10" serves: 40-45
  • Xlarge serves: 70-75

Our Round cake options serve more! (when selecting a round cake we will adjust the size based on the serves chosen**)

  • Mini 6" serves: 10-15
  • Large 7" 30-35 serves (6" tall)
  • Xlarge 10" serves: 80-85

**Round cakes/style will be accommodated based on the size you chose, e.g 30-35 serves becomes a 7" round cake, 20-25 serves becomes a 6" tall round cake.

If you are unsure what to select when choosing a design feel free to send us a message before placing an order to ensure you don't miss out on any of your add ons or design elements :)

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