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Galvinchi Desserts

Edible Image Vintage Cakes

Edible Image Vintage Cakes

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Want to include an image on your vintage cake? We have got you sorted! Simply choose your selections as your normally would and upload the picture/logo you wish for us to turn into an edible image.

The below serves are for our heart shapes;

  • Mini 6" serves: 10-12
  • Standard 8" serves: 20-25
  • Large 10" serves: 40-45
  • Xlarge serves: 75-80

Our Round cake options serve more! (when selecting a round cake we will adjust the size based on the serves chosen**)

  • Mini 6" serves: 10-15
  • Large 7" 30-35 serves (6" tall)
  • Xlarge 10" serves: 80-85

**Round cakes/style will be accommodated based on the size you chose, e.g 30-35 serves becomes a tall 7" round cake, 10-15 serves becomes a 6" round cake.

If you are unsure what to select when choosing a design feel free to send us a message before placing an order to ensure you don't miss out on any of your add ons or design elements :)

Standard piping includes top and bottom border only

Lambeth style includes swoops, double bottom border and top border

All text is fondant lettering.

We do not replicate other creators work but will use your images as inspiration.

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